How To Create Anchor Links in Squarespace


This week I am mixing things up and sharing an HTML code tutorial instead of a CSS one! I wanted to show you how to easily create an anchor link on your Squarespace website using some simple HTML. Anchor links works by naming a section of a page, and when clicked, pulls that "anchor" to the top of the browser window. Anchor links are essential for one page websites with a lot of sections, and work great for contact forms too. They can work essentially anywhere you would put a link; in your main navigation or within your on page content. Watch the video to see it in action, and when you are ready, grab the code below!

Remember, any word or combination of letters and numbers will do, but keep it between the quotation marks, and no spaces allowed!

Code: <div id="anchor"></div>

link: #anchor

That’s all for today’s tutorial folks! I try to upload a new Squarespace tutorial every week. If you want to be notified when I post one, be sure to sign up for my email list below!