Designing Sites in Squarespace 7.1 

Watch a recording of the LIVE workshop presented by Becca Harpain,
Founder and Code Queen of InsideTheSquare.co and get access to the
action packed, value drenched PDF guidebook that goes with it!


Watch the replay now for just $129 now, and learn how to work with 7.1 to create your best website yet.



Inside this info packed 2 hour workshop, I’ll walk you through:


The brand new interface

covering premade page layouts, and the EXACT steps to take to create & customize your own. I even have a section of the guidebook dedicated to layouts, so you can see all the content and copy options in 7.1’s premade templates, making content planning for all your future projects a cakewalk.


All your design options

because 7.1 is a whole new ballgame! We will take an in-depth look at the font pairings and customizations, the pre-made color options, and then the fun part - how you can dig deeper into 7.1 to customize to your heart’s content!! I have uncovered some really helpful features that you need to know how to access.


A game-changing cheat sheet

breaking down major element codes in CSS so you can do ALL THE THINGS - were talking about removing headers and footers to make landing pages, designing custom button styles, formatting forms, adding fonts, your imagination is the limit with this cheat sheet by your side. (Warning: I WILL push you out of your designer comfort zone here and make you dream bigger with these options.)


How to work with responsive breakpoints in 7.1

so you don't lose control of the clear and clean style you worked so hard to create on a desktop version. We will cover responsive modifications you need to know so your site can stay beautiful and compliant with accessibility standards on every device.


Access the replay for just $129USD, and learn how to work with 7.1 to create your best website yet.

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1 laptop + 1 pdf + 2 high-octane hours with me = Everything you need to know to absolutely rock Squarespace 7.1!

Yup, even if you’re not sure you have the skills or where to start when your work goes beyond a template with a tagline. (We’ll cover so much inside this workshop, you will be confident in calling yourself a Squarespace 7.1 expert before we’re done.)

Uh-huh, even if you struggle to keep up with design trends, or feel like you’re too far behind other designers skill levels to tackle something this new. (Squarespace 7.1 is BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW and we are all starting on page one right now. Now is the time to Learn. Grow.  Experiment!! Get really really creative. Ask that question” wouldn’t it be cool if…?” The results will amaze you.)

And ohhh yeah, especially if calling yourself an actual website designer makes you break out in a cold sweat. (Look, You’re not SUPPOSED to be an expert right out of the gate, or have clients lined up for months in advance when you just started. But when you focus on educating yourself - when you have a guide to show you the ropes and prepare you for your future - you can be confident in reaching out to new people who need what you know how to do. You can find new clients who are ready to level up, because you know in your heart you can deliver quality work because you have learned how.)

Because learning how to work with this new interface right now doesn’t just set you up for success. It also empowers you to play the strategic long game, roll with the punches, and kick the “they changed what!?” panic to the curb.

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This workshop is a game changer - but you don’t have to take my word for it! Here is what my students from the live workshop had to say…

That was super awesome - I’m feeling so much better about digging into 7.1. Thanks so much Becca!
— Christy
EPIC lesson! Thanks for all the effort you have put in!
— Freya
THANKS a lot for a great course! Well done!
— Michael
Thanks again for the great workshop; It saved me hours of going through and learning on my own. I built a site in several hours the past 2 days in 7.1 and your class saved me tons!
— Shelia
I just took a peek at the guidebook and HOLY COW! I can’t wait to dive in. It’s obvious you put so much time and effort into this and I can’t thank you enough!
— Mary
Thank you so much for your great course
— Sandra

You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

• Totally confident because you have a clear picture of what you can create and how to do it.

• Over the moon to dream bigger in your designs because you have literally seen the future of Squarespace and know how to use it (plus I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!)

• Free from the panic of keeping up with new releases, and ready to get focused and strategic with your skillset already on the next level. #levelup

• Committed to doing LESS of the research you don’t want to do, and MORE of the design work you do - because all the info you will need is right there in your PDF from this workshop.


A note from Becca...

The first code I ever made on Squarespace was to change the color of a button on a hover. I was on cloud nine; it was my first coding experience and the instant results gave me a mega boost of confidence and excitement. 

Over one hundred websites and thousands of students later, I’ve never looked back. 

I’m obsessed with design. I know I was born to create with code.

Here’s the good news for you… I’ve spent countless hours working within Squarespace and I know how to speak it’s language; what it is capable of doing and what it can’t. 

I’ve presented this special Squarespace 7.1  workshop to help you cut down your learning curve and avoid major pitfalls so you can confidently get on the path to building new sites on this interface… all while creating your unique vision in a powerful, impactful, and time-leveraged way.

I can’t wait to see what you do with all this info!

- Becca Harpain


Order this workshop replay for just $129USD now, and learn how to work with 7.1 to create your best website yet!

Becca Harpain - Squarsapce 7.1 Workshop Teacher and CSS Expert
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