How to Create Vertical Heading Text with CSS

I try to keep up to date on design trends thanks to visual sharing sites like Dribble and Pinterest. One I keep seeing over and over and over was vertical text headers. Headline text rotated 90 degrees to read up and down instead of left to right. But I also saw it on mobile sites and it looked TERRIBLE on a tiny screen #IMHO

So I got to work writing a custom CSS code to share with you in this tutorial: how to create vertical text that resets on mobile, keeping your website usable and gorgeous on all devices.

You can copy and paste the code below to have this work for the Heading 2 text style on your Squarespace site, but you should watch the video to learn more about how this code works so you can customize it for your own signature site style.


@media screen and (min-width: 640px) { h2 { writing-mode: vertical-rl; transform: rotate(180deg); margin: 0 auto; position: relative; right: 10px; } }

Ready for more codes?

Then today is your lucky day - because I have an entire PDF of them to share! Download my entire CSS code library, packed full of pro tips and codes to help you make a brag worthy Squarespace site.