How to Create A Cover Page - Fast!

Coverpages are a great feature in Squarespace. Perfect for a coming soon page, a lead capture, events, and announcements - the possibilities are endless. Cover pages don’t have built in navigation menus and can have different site branding. Now why is that so fabulous? Because less options = specific results! If a visitor cant navigate away to another page on your site via menu, then the odds of them converting or completing the action on that page are much higher. I use cover pages for events and other promos.

To see one in action, check out the cover page for my upcoming event, Intro to SEO, a free webinar and live Q&A session I am hosting, all about Squarespace SEO.

To create a cover page in Squarespace, watch the tutorial to follow these 10 steps:

  1. Start on your main page menu and select the plus sign.

  2. Select “cover page”

  3. Title that page and select create or hit enter.

  4. Select the layout that suits your needs best.

  5. Update the branding with text or a logo.

  6. Add a headline and body text.

  7. Change the background media. (I recommend using

  8. Chose the action you want people to take, adding buttons or a form, or both. (If you use the form, be sure to customize the thank you!)

  9. Turn on or off the social icons option.

  10. Update the landing page style to match your own brand or landing page needs.