Hide The Quote Source Dash

Squarespace quote blocks have a pretty great style right out of the box, but the automatic dash before the quote source is not always in line with the sites I design.  This tutorial will show you how to hide the automatic dash placed before a quote source, or just change the color to better match your websites style. As always, the copy and paste code is below the video.  Have fun customizing your Squarespace website!


To hide the automatic dash:

figcaption::first-letter { font-size: 0;}

To change the color of the automatic dash, change the HEX code below to match your brand:

figcaption::first-letter  { color:#000000; }

If you are using a personal Squarespace subscription plan, and don’t have access to Page Code Injection or Custom CSS, you can still use the code above! Download my guide to getting started with CSS to get all the details on how.