Remove or Recolor the Quotation Mark in Bedford

Bedford is one of my favorite versatile themes and the first one I started using when I really got into Squarespace design a few years ago. But the giant automatic quotation mark above quotes used to drive me bonkers! I didn’t know enough about CSS at the time to figure out how to style it to match by brand, or how to just remove it completely. Well, times have changed and so have my skills. In this week's tutorial I will show you how to hide the quotation mark, or just change the color to better match your websites style. As always, the copy and paste code is below the video.  Have fun customizing your Squarespace website!


To hide the quotation mark:

.quote-block blockquote>span:first-child { display:none; }

To change the color of the quote, change the HEX code below to match your brand:

.quote-block blockquote>span:first-child { color:#50bdb8; opacity:1!important }

If you are using a personal Squarespace subscription plan, and don’t have access to Page Code Injection or Custom CSS, you can still use the code above! Download my guide to getting started with CSS to get all the details on how.