Customize Your Squarespace Form

If you aren’t a fan of the standard contact form look on Squarespace, then you should be really excited that you found this video!! There is a super simple CSS trick you can literally copy and paste to update the look of your contact form. The code is below these notes, and the step by step tutorial is in this short video. Enjoy, and have fun customizing your squarespace site!

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.field-list .field-element{

   border-color: #000000 !important;

   border-bottom: dotted 2px #000000 !important;/*change color size and type*/

   border-left: none !important;

   border-right: none !important;

   border-top: none !important;

   background-color: transparent !important;


 .field-list select:focus{

   outline-color:  #000000 !important;


 .field-list .section{

   border-color: #000000 !important;


I am working on a BUNCH of CSS tutorials to help you get over any hesitation you might have about custom code on your Squarespace site. My goal is to upload a new one every week, but the more people on my mailing list the more likely I am to actually do it! If you want to be notified of my next video, or request one - awesome! Sign up below: