Brooke Means Business

Brooke Means Business


Brooke Means Business

Created for freelancers ready to promote their services, Brooke Means Business is a single page website that will help you launch your offerings to the world wide web. It features sections for listing your skills, testimonials, client logos, an about you section, and a detailed contact form. This site comes with a set of matching social media templates, and matching letter and number icons so you can easily update it to match your business name.



Your mobile-ready Squarespace website and all the graphics featured in the demo site. (Click here to visit the demo site)

  • Web Copy Workbook, walking you through every section of your new site to help you create high converting copy

  • Brag About It Marketing Kit ™  that contains 90 social media post templates, and a CTA swipe file with 50 calls to action that will inspire people to click now

  • Step-by-step video tutorials to help you make the most of your brand new website

  • All the graphics and images used on the live demo site

  • Exclusive InsideTheSquare client discount; 20% off your first annual Squarespace website subscription, and a free URL


You have total control.

The content, the copy, the look; the everything is 100% customizable and accessible 24/7 so you can change it when you want to change it. All my websites have a hidden page with tutorials to help you with the basics, so you can be confident about making these updates on your own! Plus, being a Squarespace member, you have access to one of the best customer support teams on the web.

Your job is 100% code free.

If the idea of learning how to code a website gives you the heebie geebies, you are in the right place. There are no plugins to install, no fancy software to download, no code language to learn, just a beautiful virtual home for your business right off the bat.

You don’t have to build it yourself.

You have probably seen some “Squarespace Kits” that contain all the little elements you need to recreate designs, building the site yourself. I think you enough on your plate starting a business, you don’t have to be a web developer too! When you order a prebuilt Squarespace site from InsideTheSquare, I literally build the website for you, and include step-by-step videos on how to update it and customize it when you are ready.

Your site can grow as your business does.

Once your success skyrockets, you will probably need to start a blog, an online store for your new e-courses, or a members online section. The possibilities for a growing online business are practically endless. Squarespace gets it, and all of these are possible with your new website thanks to the their platform.

Your site is beautiful every device.

Your new website is responsive, which means it will look amazing on any screen. The font will be resized to be readable, from a huge mac monitor to a small cell phone screen. The menus, images, and text will resize and rearrange automatically, in a way that make sense to your readers, and make your business look clean and professional every time.

Designed and developed by me.

I don’t believe in outsourcing. Every one of my websites is hand-crafted by me, for every individual customer. The design and development is 100% in house, and powered by the coffee I drink.

Super Important Info to Know Before You Order >>

Please note that a Squarespace subscription is required to use your new website and is not included with your purchase. The purchase of this prebuilt website is nonrefundable due to the digital nature of the product. If you have any questions or concerns, check out the FAQ's and please contact me before you place your order.

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Turn your business dreams into a real live website - order now!


Rebecca built a gorgeous website for my business. I am getting some excellent quality leads for my business and within the first week of going live, has paid for her services and then some! She also provided training as on how to update the site. I am very pleased with my decision to hire Rebecca to build my website, and highly recommend her!
— Valerie A