The #1 Secret to an Outstanding Optin

It’s 2019 and pretty much every business is offering something in exchange for an invitation to your inbox. Free shipping! 20% off your first order! Exclusive insight I don’t share anywhere else! Sound familiar? Those are all considered opt-ins; something a business is giving in exchange for your information. You need to opt in to get the goods.

So how do you stand out from the crowd and give something away that your future customers actually want? Better yet, something they love so much, they share it with their friends and brings you even more business? You need to solve their problems!

Free shipping solves the problem of “Ooooh, I really want this, but I can’t justify spending $5.95 on shipping when I could just drive to the store.”

20% off your first order solves the problem of “this is so cool but too expensive for me”

Offering “exclusive insight” solves the problem of “I want to know more about their ideas but can’t afford to hire them for some one-on-one”

That's not all folks.

Problem solving might sound like the secret to a successful opt-in, but there is one more thing these high converting lead magnets do. They don’t solve all the problems, they only solve one, but they solve it well. Good opt-in offers are genuinely helpful, they are actionable, and they are only one piece of the puzzle.

Free shipping or a discount helps with finances, but what the person is buying is going to solve the real problem they are shopping for.  Exclusive insight will be helpful but nothing beats a one-on-one service, especially if it's from someone you already trust.

Make it actionable.

You need an opt-in offer that solves one major problem for your future customer in a helpful and actionable way, that ensures they trust you and want to come back for more. Use the questions below to inspire your own problem solving offer.

What are three common questions your paying customers ask you? I For example, a yoga instructor might be asked what stretches to do while working at their desk. A money coaching client might be curious about how to handle birthday gifts for coworkers and not-so-close friends. A virtual assistant might be asked about what software they recommend for scheduling appointments.  If you are a product based business, what are the top 3 items you sell?

Think about how you would answer those questions in person. Would you make a list of action steps for them to follow? Would you spend some time going over details of your option or insight? Think about how you would not only share this information with them, but take it a step further. How would you present this info in a way that is easy for them to share with someone else?

Make it real.

You have identified the problem, now it’s time to actually create your opt-in! Below is the checklist that I created for the opt-ins offered here at Inside the Square. Whether you save it, print it, or pin it, hang on to this check list for the next time you want to entice your future customers with something they actually want. Click on the image below to check it out.