Font sizes look a little wonky? We can change that.

Need a logo on your mobile menu? I can teach you how to add one.

Want to add a splash of color to that mobile info bar? Let's make it pop!

Ready for a better looking mobile menu? Style it like a pro with some custom CSS.

Build a mobile ready website worth bragging about!

Download my collection of over 20 mobile specific CSS codes for only

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What is CSS?
CSS stands for cascading style sheet and it is a fancy way of saying the code that a web browser reads so it knows what to display for a website. Developers use CSS to overwrite standard settings on Squarespace, like color changes, custom fonts, and hover animations.

I don’t know anything about code - will I even know what to do with this info?
Totally! If you are brand spankin’ new to all things code, I walk you through the process step by step.And if you still a little weary of flying solo, I have created a series of tutorial videos to walk you through how to put these codes to work on your site. Check those out here.

What exactly am I getting here? 
My guide to Mobile Mod’s is a digital download; one PDF with all the codes and pro tips I have to share about making the mobile version of your Squarespace website even more awesome than it already is.

I am using a personal Squarespace plan. Can I still use the codes in this guide?
Most of them! The only codes you wont be able to use are those for premium features, like mobile info bars. The majority of these codes are designed to work with any Squarespace subscription level, personal plans included. The instructions in the PDF guide will show you how.

Cant I find this info on YouTube?
Totally - on my channel in fact! This course puts all of it in one place for you. The whole point of it is to save you valuable time so you don’t have to spend hours pouring through blogs and forums and support documents and videos to try and get close to a code that might work. It’s all in one place, this training tutorial!

Do these codes work for every theme family?
I am not 100% sure! The codes in this guide have been tested on Bedford and Brine sites, as well as Five, York, and Pacific. However, some Squarespace template families get picky about calling an element something else, so I stuck with the most popular five theme families for this guide. If you are not sure what template family your site is using, check out this article here.

Do you offer refunds?
Nope! I put a lot of hours into researching, writing, and testing all the info I have to share. I think my time is totally worth what I am charging and I do not offer refunds.

Can I hire you to do some custom coding on my site?
Maybe! I am happy to chat projects but have a pretty full calendar for 2019. If you want to get on my to-do list, the best thing to do is email me a brief description of your project. Send a shout out to and I will do my best to reply within 48 hours.


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Rebecca is the Founder and self titled Code Queen behind the scenes of InsideTheSquare.  An advocate for DIY everything, she is a self taught UI developer who started exploring CSS code changes for Squarespace when she started building her own site about 5 years ago.  “How did they do that?!” is a question that drives her daily! Her personal mission is to make the internet a prettier place one website at a time, and she is actively working on that goal with her free weekly training videos, and an ever growing collection of PDF guides available right here at