If the idea of doing any custom code work gives you the heebie jeebies - this e-course is for you!

Making CSS changes to your Squarespace site is not only easy, but it is a fabulous way to make any good site a great one. This Intro to CSS course will help you:

  • Learn what CSS can & can’t do

  • Understand how to find the code for anything on your Squarespace site

  • Figure out when to use code injection and custom CSS

  • Master the exact steps to easily write your own codes

This course is for anyone who uses Squarespace - from bloggers to photographers, and even Squarespace website designers themselves! If you have a Squarespace site and want to learn how to go from ordinary to extraordinary, you found the right place.

The world doesn’t need another boring website. Step up your skills today and sign up for Intro to CSS!


What is CSS? CSS stands for cascading style sheet and it is a fancy way of saying the code that a web browser reads so it knows what to display for a website. Developers use CSS to overwrite standard settings on Squarespace, like color changes, custom fonts, and hover animations.

I don’t know anything about code - will I even know what to do with this info? Totally! If you are brand spankin’ new to all things code, you are in the right place. This mini course breaks it down into four video lessons to make it easy to wrap your head around it all. You will get to see, step by step, how to customize your Squarespace site so you can confidently make code changes on your own site.

Isn’t this info on YouTube? You can find hundreds of CSS tutorials on YouTube - on my channel in fact! But this course is not about just copy and pasting; it is about understanding how Squarespace CSS actually works. You won’t need to spend hours pouring through blogs and forums and support documents and videos to try and get close to a code that might work. You will know how to create it yourself!

Do you offer refunds? Nope! I put a lot of work into studying custom css and creating these videos and worksheets to explain it all. I think my time is totally worth the $47 I am charging and I do not offer refunds.

I don’t see my question here; can we talk? Totally! You can email me directly at hello@insidethesquare.co I promise do my best to reply within 48 hours.