Origin Story of Squarespace

Every good super hero has one major thing in common - a pretty interesting origin story.

It's why we get so invested in them saving the day. We're impressed with where they started and how they got to where they are, and it's brand loyalty 101

Now what about a business? Ya'll know I love Squarespace, but a big part of that brand loyalty is their own origin story. Anthony Casalena built the platform in his dorm room, and borrowed money from his parents to buy a server to run it. At one point it even crashed, making the then 20-something think about a new career. 

Spoiler Alert!! He stuck with it, and now Squarespace is worth $1.7 billion. Yup, billion, with a B.

So today instead of talking all about what I do with Squarespace, I want you to hear it from the super hero himself! The NPR podcast How I Built This (one of my favorites) interviewed Anthony about his digital empire. Totally worth a listen - check it out below!

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