(and other things I learned at Squarespace)

If you are new here, you might not know what a big fan of Squarespace I am. Well, let me shout it from the rooftops:

Why? They get what it means to run a business. They help people, brands, businesses and individual bad asses create websites that look good, right out of the gate. Plus they don’t charge a crazy amount to do get your brand online. With Squarespace I can help bring a client vision to light, and then hand over the keys to their virtual kingdom knowing they can make updates and edits without learning code.

What about Wordpress? I cover the details of Wordpress vs Wix vs Squarespace in an upcoming post, but let it be known that I am not one to talk bad about a platform you can build with. WordPress is also fabulous. So is Wix; I have been using them since 2009. I have hand coded a site and uploaded with a CMS and that worked well too. But it’s 2019, and business is booming for the start-it-yourselfers. Everyone wants to be a coach, be a creator, a writer, a designer, a people walker. (Really, it is a thing.) And Squarespace is a great place to get the ball rolling on your website, without having to learn code or even have an eye for design.

Joining the circle

Squarespace created a cool club for it’s frequent users known as the Squarespace Circle. Creative right? Well, I had to join other like minded folks who loved the platform as much as I do. And a few months in I discovered they were hosting an event at their satellite office in Portland! I quite literally just moved to the PNW so I had to go. And it was so worth it.

“Facebook is a flea market”

One of my favorite quotes from the interview/fireside chat between Squarespace Staff Engineer, Josh Kill, and Creative Ecosystems manager, Jeremy Schwartz. To be crystal clear, this flea market wasn’t anything negative about Facebook. The question asked was why a small business would benefit from a website and not just a Facebook page. The gist is that Facebook operates like a flea market does - people know to go there to find what they are looking for, and they will stop at a stall if they like what the stall has to sell. The flea market draws them in. Other people, events, alerts, and other businesses can distract them from seeing your stall of awesomeness. But a website? That is your store front. You drive traffic to it yourself, and you cultivate an experience for the visitor, having control over how they interact with your brand.

Even in this social media driven culture we wake up to every day, a website is an important element to every business.

That’s my main takeaway from the event last night. That, and I need to make more websites because Squarespace is still awesome.


Ready to get started on Squarespace?

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