2019 CSS Cheat Sheet for Squarespace

2019 CSS Cheat Sheet for Squarespace


Woah - you did that with Squarespace?!

I love hearing that from my clients, and soon you will too! Download my CSS Cheat Sheet of 50+ codes that will take your site from ordinary to extraordinary.


See that sweet gradient button above? It’s just a snippet of code, included in my Squarespace CSS Cheat Sheet! From banners to buttons, forms to full width images, and a LOT of hover effects, here is just a sneak peak at some of the codes included:


Cookie Banner Background + Border Colors, Including Gradients!

Mobile Info Bar Background Colors, Including Gradients!

Announcement Bar Hover Effects

Announcement Bar Element Tricks

Gradient Buttons

Summary Blocks Hover Effects


Button Hover Effects

Fade Out Underlines

Social Icon Hover Effects

Social Icon Animations

Slanted Footers

Highlighted Form Field

Solid Underline Newsletter Form

Form Description Icon Pop Up


Dotted Underline Form

Highlighted Field Form

Rollover Image Effect, Including Color to Black & White Transitions

Make an Image Full Width

Adding Custom Fonts

Button Animations


My copy and paste CSS cheat sheet makes it really easy for anyone to confidently customize their Squarespace site. Plus, if you ever get stuck, I have an entire video library of CSS tutorials you can watch to learn. So no more excuses, even if you are a newbie!

Stop making boring websites.

Download my Squarespace CSS Cheat Sheet and create something cool today!