Those Who Sell: A Workbook On Website Copy

Those Who Sell: A Workbook On Website Copy


To stay in business, you need to make money, and that means selling more of what you have to offer! Those Who Sell is a workbook that breaks down the fundamentals of writing website copy that turns browsers into buyers, and customers into raving fans.

This six lesson workbook will teach you how to:

  • Create a clear and effective sales pitch for your website

  • Master two techniques for a unique sales strategy

  • Craft inspiring headlines

  • Turn happy customers into promoters who market the amazing things you do



① Identify Your Customer

Section one starts with identifying exactly what you are selling, and to whom you are selling. We will dig into who your audience is, what they want, and why you are the only solution that makes sense.

② Clarify Your Pitch

You know what you have to offer, but you need to learn to clearly articulate that to your future customer. This section walks you through a simple three tiered setup so you can explain what you do well.

③ Captivating Copywriting

If you don’t captivate them in five seconds, you could lose them forever. Section three teaches you how to craft a headline that gets your audience interested in learning more, and include my bonus list of 108 emotional terms to use in your copy.

④ The Simple Sale

Now we all know that everyone is having a sale. Everyone is giving something away for free. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you don’t need a different offering; you have to have a different message. Section four goes over a simple technique you can master to efficiently close the deal.

⑤ Making Detailed Deals

When we are talking about big investments, your future customers will need some extra copy for more reassurance that this is actually what they want to buy. This section covers a detailed approach to ensure your customers know it’s time to buy.

⑥ The Popper Goodbye

While the right sale can happen with one well written page, your thank you page is instrumental in more customers. Learn how you can turn sales into more sales, without sounding sleazy.

Time to stop reading, and start writing!

You are one workbook away from more profits! Download it now, so you can start making major changes to your copy and start making more sales asap.